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  • Thank you for making ICA special

    Thank you to you and all your staff for everything you do to make ICA special!! Nate was super-excited about returning to school yesterday and when I picked him up, he said he had “the best day ever!” We feel like we’re part of the family there and look forward to the next few years with y’all!

    5th Grade Returning Parent, — August 18, 2017
  • ICA has become my village

    My son is a second grader are Iredell Charter Academy.  Honestly this year I was so nervous about transitioning him over, but as a mom I knew he needed change. I moved him over from another charter school to ICA. I was on the edge after his first grade year not knowing who I could trust to once again make him feel successful. I met this wonderful lady, Mrs. Keener. I watched her take this shell of a little boy, begin to piece him back together and tell him how smart he was, though he didn’t believe it himself. We have had a slow start out of the gate this year. Winter break came and went, after break, I heard the words.”He trusts me, he’s got this, he just has to believe in what he does.”  I was settling into the fact that this was how it was going to be lots of mending and encouragement for him. He had testing the first part of the 2017 school year to show his progress. I didn’t get to excited because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I came in one day shortly after testing and was told he made this HUGE leap in growth. It all goes back to someone taking the time to believe in him, someone taking the time to differentiate their students learning and learn what makes them tick and supports children in their own village during the wins and the not so great wins. I’m thankful to Mrs Keener and to the staff at ICA. They have become my village too in helping my son be successful.

  • Great communication

    My children have done so well adapting to the new school. Also, the educators are great with communication and I am glad that we are able to access their grades right from the privacy of our home. This school is great! My children are in the 2nd grade and Kindergarten.

    Ciara Horton,
  • Extra minutes

    My child has always had a little trouble in math, and she has done so well at ICA. The other day she said, “Mommy, I love Ms. Bryan and the new school because if I don’t understand something, Ms. Bryan gives me 2 extra minutes of her time, which helps me, and then I get it. I only needed the 2 extra minutes. I really love Ms. Bryan.

    Mrs. Protain,
  • You’re doing a fantastic job!

    I would just like to say that our daughter LOVES Iredell Charter Academy. From the very first day she told us how nice everyone was. This has been a welcome change for us as she had begun to not like school last year. We appreciate all of the efforts the staff of ICA make to help the children feel safe and comfortable. In addition any time we have contacted the school or her teacher, we receive a response almost immediately. Thank you for your continued commitment to the education of our daughter and all the children of ICA. You’re doing a fantastic job!

    Lorie & Jason Ralston,
  • Education can take you places that money cannot.

    I just want to express my gratitude to Iredell Charter Academy. I am a big advocate for education. Education can take you places that money cannot.
    It is the key that unlocks many opportunities for our future – our next generation.  So when I heard that Iredell was opening a new school, a charter school, I was excited. Even though I almost missed the deadline, I was ecstatic when I learned that my children was accepted.  

    Although, the change of leaving a school that we have been use to was a little rough, I knew taking my children to this school was the best decision I could have made. Communication is So important to me. So, I love how the communication from the teachers to the parents are close. I can send a email and I will get a response before the day is over. I love how I, as a parent, can partner together and work with the teacher to find exactly we need to do to better equip my child to strive for greatness. ICA sees each child not as a number, but as a individual.  

    Which this move, my children are doing great. They are being pushed.  They are being challenged to do things that their other school would not challenge them to do. And with the challenges, or I would like to say new adventures,  they are learning and having fun while doing good so. Honor rolls, subject accomplishments, loving to read, from not loving math to enjoying doing the work and feeling comfortable with their environment and teachers are just a little bit of what my children has embarked -and we are only halfway through the year. Amazing.

    With all the negative remarks: “It’s just going to be a good thing until the newness wears off”, or “Why are u driving all the way down there? You must be crazy”. Or my favorite, ” uniforms?! No way.” I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of the ICA family. Yes, we are new… to this area and there are some things that our principal along with the wonderful staff is working hard to establish and working to make the crooked path straight. But what I like is things are moving forward.  

    I am looking forward to the up and coming school years ahead.  My only request is that ICA will not just end with 8th grade, but it will expand with a upper charter Academy. I do think about what will happen after 8th grade.  Let’s not end with 8th grade, but with 12th grade. Let’s follow through.
    So, thank you ICA for all that you do, not just for me and my children, but for other children, parents, community,  and the county as a whole.

    Ms. Gladden, Parent, — 2016-2017
  • Environment and culture is like no other

    The environment and culture is like no other which I have experienced before. From our administration, teachers and staff to our families and community, it is truly amazing. Putting students first is our priority and it shows. It’s a completely different educational community that I highly recommend!

    Employee, — 2016-2017
  • So happy for my daughter

    Our daughter, whom was struggling at her previous school, needed a school who could help her excel. So far ICA has been just that! My husband and I are amazed with her total transformation. Going from total meltdowns about having to go to school and shutting down about her day to a child who gets up 80% ready to go (what child totally wants to leave bed and their electronics) and participating in class. Now as a parent seeing this is above and beyond. I am so happy that for my daughter we are apart of the ICA Panthers! Come grow with us!!!!

    B. Bailey and family, — 2016-2017